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Construction Grade Steel

With the support of our principles from various countries, we're able to provide high quality steel product of both raw materials and semi-finished product locally and internationally with ease.


Meticulously designed to meet the highest industry standards, our steel slab boasts exceptional structural integrity, ensuring that every project it touches stands the test of time. Its flawless surface and uniform composition make it an architect's dream, allowing for seamless integration into designs that push the boundaries of possibility.

Steel Slab.jpeg


Our steel billet is crafted with precision, its malleability and uniformity make it the perfect canvas for architects and engineers alike. From towering structures to intricate machinery, the possibilities are as limitless as the strength it provides.

Steel Billet.jpeg

Hot Rolled Coil (HRC)

Born from intense heat and pressure, it undergoes a dynamic hot rolling process, enhancing its malleability and strength. The result is a coil that effortlessly adapts to the rigors of diverse applications, from heavy machinery to robust structural components.

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-14 at 11.04.19 (1).jpeg

Cold Rolled Coil (CRC)

Starting as raw steel, it undergoes a meticulous cold rolling process that enhances its strength, smoothness, and dimensional accuracy. The result? A coil that effortlessly weaves its way into applications demanding precision, from automotive components to high-tech appliances.

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